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When AWS Services Don't Like Each Other

When my web host had a brief outage I decided to move my site to AWS. Since I'd been working with various AWS services recently, I decided that some automation would be nice as well.

There is CodeBuild and CodeCommit which ought to handle storing and building the site code, and S3 where I can serve a static site like I decided on easily. Since they are all on AWS, surely they will play nice with each other...

Yeah, no.

Encrypted Google Search for Chrome

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I recently moved to Chromium - the open source version of Google's Chrome browser - after I grew tired with Firefox crashing and bloating my system.

Chrome defaults to searching with auto suggestions through the omnibar (location/search bar) using an unencrypted connection, but it is easy to use Google's encrypted search instead. This seems like a good idea with open WiFi connections being very

Disabling the WordPress Maintenance Lock

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I just got bitten by the automatic maintenance lock with WordPress updates. My internet connection failed in the middle of a plugin update and left the blog in maintenance mode. Google answers to disabling it were unhelpful, so here goes:

Just delete the .maintenance file is the WordPress directory.

Additionally, if the update is left in a messy state, you might need to delete the upgrade directory

Speed Up Firefox 3 Places

I've been using Firefox 3 since the first beta and it's a very good and quite stable browser. However, there's one "enhancement" that bugs me a lot. And that is the history+bookmarks combination that they call "Places".

Someone on a modern computer will probably not mind the performance impact and can see the uses, but if you are on a low spec laptop (yeah, I am) it's a whole different situation. To put it in more technical terms, places "[can have a non-trivial impact on the browser's