GliderJan Varho

insta-api v1.0.0

  • pylibscrypt
  • scrypt
  • crypto

Initial release 1.0.0

  • Uses Instagram simple display api to get the latest posts
  • Stores long-term tokens in S3 and refreshes once a week

Github link: insta-api v1.0.0

pylibscrypt v2.0.0

  • pylibscrypt
  • scrypt
  • crypto

Major release 2.0.0

  • Drops support for python 2.x and 3.3
  • Drops legacy backends

Github link: pylibscrypt v2.0.0

Serverless Next.js – React Without Hassle

  • serverless
  • react
  • next.js
  • aws

Recently I've mostly used React for front end development, but also used the serverless framework quite extensively for back end, API and event based flows. So finding Serverless Next.js was nice.

pylibscrypt v1.8.0

  • pylibscrypt
  • scrypt
  • crypto

Feature release 1.8.0

  • Support unicode passwords with scrypt_mcf
  • Last release to support python 3.3 and <2.7.8

Github link: pylibscrypt v1.8.0

When AWS Services Don't Like Each Other

When my web host had a brief outage I decided to move my site to AWS. Since I'd been working with various AWS services recently, I decided that some automation would be nice as well.

There is CodeBuild and CodeCommit which ought to handle storing and building the site code, and S3 where I can serve a static site like I decided on easily. Since they are all on AWS, surely they will play nice with each other...

Yeah, no.