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Serverless Next.js – React Without Hassle

  • serverless
  • react
  • next.js
  • aws

Recently I've mostly used React for front end development, but also used the serverless framework quite extensively for back end, API and event based flows. So finding Serverless Next.js was nice.

It's a serverless component which makes deploying a Next.js application to AWS CloudFront/S3/Lambda a piece of cake. No servers, no instances, no fixed costs beyond data storage. So I ported a couple of sites I manage outside work (including this one) over and liked it very much.

Getting started is as easy as running create-next-app and creating a two-line serverless.yml file.

There were a few minor issues I ran into and had to file some bug reports and pull requests for, but those were corner cases due to my specific requirements. Definitely something I am planning to use going forward.