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Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 Customizations

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I finally have Ubuntu Lucid looking like I want it to. First a couple of screenshots and then some linking to the relevant packages etc. Here's the desktop with Firefox open.

Lucid Lynx
Screenshot{.alignnone .size-medium .wp-image-174 width="300" height="187"}

And here I've marked some customizations in the image. (Apologies for ugly text.) Lucid Lynx Screenshot /w
Annotations{.alignnone .size-medium .wp-image-173 width="300" height="187"}

Firstly, I want my panel (singular) vertically. That is unfortunately buggy with the Ambiance theme (Bug #534582) and indicators (Bug #533439). The latter does not look too bad, but the former had to be fixed with the instructions from Bug #160311: Remove the image from the theme gtkrc, set the scaling properties in gconf-editor and set the background image manually.

Instead of the menu bar, which does not like a vertical panel, I use Cardapio from the PPA. It has lots of great plugins for e.g. Google and Wikipedia searches, though I haven't really used them.

Replacing both the window list applet and launchers I have DockbarX from the PPA. The theme is Minimalistic and I have enabled Compiz previews and Opacify.

In the lower right corner I have Conky (from Universe), which I use to monitor the computer.

Firefox is still 3.6 (the default), since I'm refraining from Firefox 4 beta testing until they get their Linux version up to speed. Addons I use include at least:

I look forward to trying Lucid out on the laptop I just ordered.