GliderJan Varho

Actor Model for BlitzMax v.1.10

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Implementation of the actor model for BlitzMax, updated version 1.10 with better thread management. Works both threaded and non-threaded, though there are obviously some differences. Methods and types state when they are threaded-only. Requires a fairly recent version of BlitzMax.

Uncomment the Module lines and save to mod/otus.mod/actor.mod if you want a module version. In that case you also get some documentation. Of course, you can just import it locally, too. There are three small samples to give the gist of it.

I'm working on a socket actor, which would allow one to pass messages between remote actors. I'll release a new version when (if) ready with that.

Download (source only): (6.6KB)

Update: Completely superseded by v.1.20.