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5 Card Table Generator

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The code for my table generator for 5 card poker evaluation is included. It is a BlitzMax file, which requires the "Cactus Kev's Evaluator" to run. Another evaluator can be used instead with some rewriting of code.

It uses a backtracking depth-first search of the problem space and merges nodes as it finds them, using a binary tree for ordering. This is fast enough for five cards - running the generator takes less than half a minute - and generates an optimal <abbr title="directed acyclic graph">DAG</abbr>. The resulting tables (after some conversions to 16-bit integers) are here.

Unfortunately, a direct conversion to seven cards using Kev's eval_7hand would take several days to run, so the 7 card problem requires a more messy approach. I'm still working on that code.

Download: gen_eval5.bmx.tar (8 KB) License: MIT (included) See also: generated tables